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Swapfinder Review 2023

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Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-55
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Swapfinder is a very open community where there are no taboos;
  • You can view high-quality pornographic content;
  • You can register at no cost;
  • Master several languages ​​on your website;
  • The service has a translation system for messaging;
  • All profiles are real;
  • Good bonds between couples in your city.
  • Its interface is not entirely perfect and has flaws;
  • The app is unreliable in operation.

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What Is Swapfinder?

Welcome to the Swapfinder review! One can consider Swapfinder as a refuge for many people who want to enjoy dating between couples with perverse purposes in exchanging them. If you have a very open relationship with this website, you can find members in your country who want to swap partners. In this Swapfinder review, you will learn that there are no taboos or rules you have to follow. You will only enjoy very perverted members.

You can fulfill sexual desires that you have an open relationship, and your partner wants to participate in an orgy. With these websites, you will find people with the same desire to meet you for an incredible sexual experience.

Is Swapfinder a Legit Service?

Is Swapfinder a Legit Service?

You will get maximum security on Swapfinder and all its legitimacy as a dating site for open-minded people. With this online dating system, you will not get any surprises because it is effective and convenient for online dating. All profiles provided by this service are real, and its members are as wicked as you expected.

You will be using a quite functional dating website where you can quickly fulfill your sexual fantasies. Swapfinder has been in the market for many years. This fact proves this service’s legitimacy for you to register without any worries.

Member Structure

Member Structure

With Swapfinder, you will have a fair amount of active members looking to fulfill their perversions in your country. Europe is the second region, with many connected members taking more than 23% of the profiles.

The region in Latin America only has 13% of connected members, and in the rest of the world, they complete 18% of active profiles. On Swapfinder, men’s profiles dominate with 68%, while women only take 32% in free dating. With this good fluency in the world, you can motivate yourself to register on the web and enjoy their hot chats.

Sexual Orientation

For the sexual orientation of Swapfinder, you will have to adapt your mind to members with quite liberal attitudes. On this website, there are many gay and bisexual people and, of course, married couples who want an exchange. You can motivate your partner to try this casual experience with young or mature members close to you.

You will not feel any discrimination on Swapfinder because everyone is well-received on this online dating system. If you want to participate in a gay orgy, you can also get it on the interface by joining chat rooms. You can meet all the sexual goals you had proposed in your life by starting chats on Swapfinder.

User Age

In the Swapfinder review, the age distribution figure for connected members is divided as follows:

  • From 18 to 25 years, there are 16% of members connected.
  • From 26 to 35 years, there are 26% of members connected.
  • From 36 to 45 years, there are 32% of members connected.
  • From 46 to 55 years, there are 20% of members connected.
  • From 55 years and onwards, there are more than 5% of active members to chat online.

The interaction in the ages of connected members is focused between 36 to 45-year-old single or married people. If you want to experiment with casual dating and mature sex, you can do it under this online dating interface.

Signing Up

Signing Up

You have to go to Swapfinder and its official website to start the registration process in your liberal dating service. The whole process is simple, and you will not waste much time doing it from your computer or phone. You have to be explicit in the type of relationship you want on this service if you are single or looking for a partner.

You have to fill out some sections in the registry about your interests, tastes in sex, fetishes, among other things. If you put the data correctly, you can have an optimal match in the future that allows you to meet other people with your tunings. Finally, you only have to enter the country where you reside so that the web provider can locate you with people close to you.

Profile Creation

Profile Creation

If you want to have online dating with liberal-minded people, you must register and set up your profile. For you to create your Swapfinder profile perfectly, you have to follow these steps:

  1. You have to register on the web; it will be easy for you to do so because the entire form is in the central area.
  2. Fill in necessary information such as email, country of residence, zip code, age, gender, tastes.
  3. Put a strong password that complies with the protocols indicated by the appointment provider. The password must contain eight characters, two special keys, and at least one digit.
  4. In your Swapfinder registry, you can put your skin color, body type, and sexual orientation traits.
  5. You have to place a current marital status in which you have such options as “single”, “married” and “it’s complicated”.
  6. To finish the registration, you have to enter a unique username for Swapfinder.


You can talk to many members securely with Swapfinder’s messaging services. In these chats, you will have some settings to send messages, make video calls, or usual ones. You can also organize group conversations between couples who want to experience orgies.

If you want to talk to people from other countries who do not speak your language, you must activate the automatic translation function. With this option in the chat, you can break language barriers and write messages in English, French, or even Mandarin if you do not know it.

Platform for use

Platform for use

You can use the Swapfinder platform on your computer or mobile phone without interruptions under any available model. Both servers have an innovative design that will motivate you to start hot conversations. You can choose between a party design like the desktop dating version or a serious design like the mobile version.


On Swapfinder, you can find an excellent desktop version with an innovative design for online dating. All the settings you need to match dating are at a glance for you to use. You will not be frustrated by advertisements or system crashes when using the desktop version of Swapfinder.



For the Swapfinder application, you can have it free of charge for your Android and iOS devices that you have now. This app is useful for dating, although it may be less in the available settings for matches. You will have to adapt to a slightly smaller system where some resources may be lost to search for members near you.

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

While you are on Swapfinder, you will feel a lot of excitement for the people you will meet under their daily matches. The entirety of the web design has an impeccable composition in an environment where everything is possible. The colors that dominate the interface are dark reds and white for the background.

In the application, the design of online appointments can change, making you have a less pleasant experience. The app lacks an elegant design but is something striking for you to go daily for online meetings. You may be fond of this mobile application because of how easy it is to use by giving you all the options at a glance.

In the usability of both versions for dating, its composition is impeccable, giving you excellent performance to meet people. You will have no complaints about the web, but you will be relieved to have a slack dating registry.

In the Swapfinder review, you can know that the browsing site is 100% perverted by registered members. You can see pictures of naked girls and even porn videos of members who love to express themselves. The entire web fulfills the function of motivating you to have sex and thus change a part of your mentality surrounded by taboos.

Something that can be quite striking is the translation in online chats to interact with people from other countries. You are not the only pervert in town, and with Swapfinder, you will meet people close to you who have thoughts alike. When you register and are inside the navigation site, you will notice how special it is to prioritize liberal dating.

Swapfinder's Fee Structure

Swapfinder’s Fee Structure

The cost for the premium membership on Swapfinder is worth it because you will update your profile functions. With this community for liberal dating, you can feel like family and prioritize it over social networks. You can be distracted every night with online chats and see the members you have added.

Free vs. Paid Access

In the Swapfinder review, you can learn about the different functions that the membership dating service has and is free to use. Swapfinder is a paid dating site where you will fully enjoy dating after paying for membership. When you automatically register, your profile is set as a free account where some functions are limited.

Among the biggest differences that you will notice in both profiles, free or premium, are:

Courier service

You will only send messages to people in your country as long as you have the free Swapfinder account active. Messaging services for international members are disabled until you take up the membership. With the premium profile, you can talk with members from the United States, Russia, Spain, and other countries without any issues.


You can make up to 4 daily posts that all members can see on your profile in the free account. If you take the Swapfinder membership, the posts you will make are unlimited. With the paid version of dating, you will decide what type of members can see your posts.

Sex Academy

You need a Premium account to have access to the Sexual Academy where members post porn photos. With a free account, this porn gallery is completely blocked.

Profile Information

You can only have basic data in your profile in a free account, such as name, surname, age, and nationality. With the paid version, you can post whatever information you like, and you can control which members see it.

Member Search

The biggest difference you may notice in membership or free dating service is smart searching. If you want to find a fair amount of members according to your tastes, you must have a membership. With a free account, the features to search for members are very limiting.

How Can One Pay?

If you have decided to go for a premium account at Swapfinder, you make an excellent online dating decision. You will find a sincere and varied payment process in which you will not pay a lot of money per month. You can pay for a 1-year subscription or one month to see how it works and ask for a refund if you do not like it.

All guarantees are on your side if you are not satisfied with the premium account and want your money back. Among the costs that you must cover for subscribing to Swapfinder are:

  • 12 months for just $180 ($15 per month);
  • Three months for $35.85 ($ 11.95 per month);
  • One month for $20.

You can take advantage of these exclusive discounts for each additional month you pay on the dating website for couples. You can save a lot of money with a dating service that you will love and make every night a priority. You can make your payment quickly in the number of months selected with the online agent.

Payment systems

In the Swapfinder review, you can see that the payment systems are quite simple for you to proceed with. The steps that you have to do for the online payment of Swapfinder membership are as follows:

  1. Log into your previously created Swapfinder account on your phone or computer.
  2. Go to your profile that is in the upper bar of the options.
  3. Go to your profile settings, look for the payment option, and select “Change my account to Premium”.
  4. You have to take one of the membership packages according to the number of months.
  5. The payment forms are by TDC or by debit, asking the web provider for your bank details.

The entire payment process is fast, but you have to wait 24 hours for the application to be approved. You have to be patient and wait long enough for the web provider to release your premium profile. You will receive a notification in your email when the entire payment process is completed; if the system fails, your money is refunded.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The security and protection that Swapfinder has are top-notch, where they guarantee that there are no fake profiles. You can talk to perverted members in your city, but they will not go overboard offending you. All toxic people visiting the dating community are blocked, giving you a pleasant environment to socialize.

When you make your naked publications, the entire interface will protect you from leaking these photographs. Everything you publish on the web will stay there because no member has the right to download the photo. The system is so cost-effective that it blocks the image captures that some people might do to posts.

The Swapfinder rules apply to everyone, so you have to take care of yourself and avoid your profile being blocked. You do not have to be an offensive member on the web and take it easy to improve your experience.

Is It Possible to Be Scammed?

Swapfinder is scam-free, and all the money you invest in its system is well-rewarded with its available features. You can enjoy a complete real dating service where the online members are legitimate. All fake profiles are discarded, and the developers ensure that the web does not have crashes at any time.

You will enjoy adequate security within the interface, although you must also be restrictive with your actions. If you want to do porn posts, try not to do it frequently to avoid disgusting thoughts.

Special Features

With the Swapfinder review, you can come across special functions that the web has after requesting your membership. Among the functions that you have available in the interface for dating for liberal couples are:

Sexual Academy

In this session, you can post and view porn photos of many members worldwide together with their partners. With the Sex Academy, you can satisfy yourself every night with porn pictures.

Search by Region

You can have your Swapfinder account for member search by region to only talk to people who are close to you. With this order in your system, you can meet girls or couples who want to have sex tonight.

Category Search

With the dating web, you can search for categories by age, skin color, height, tastes, beliefs, fetishes, etc.

Closing Words

Closing Words

As you have learned from this Swapfinder review, you should join the Swapfinder community from your phone for you to enjoy all nights in hot chat rooms. You will have no problem reaching out to open-minded people who want to have sex or orgies. Make sure to join this fantastic dating website where you can meet many girls and fulfill the fetishes you have.

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