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Cougar Life Review 2023

Cougar Life Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 22-28
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • an impressive amount of sexy and charming women who are real and reachable;
  • ladies here are interested in both serious relationship and brief fling;
  • it is the largest site for cougar dating with the most exceptional reputation;
  • a significant number of users as for the niche service;
  • members are easy-going and down to meet up without thousands of initial messages.
  • the majority of the women are over 35 years old, so in case you are in search of cougar dating with younger females, then it is better to look somewhere else;
  • no ID verification;
  • it is impossible to message and get access to other features without a paid membership;
  • the cost of the Cougar Life subscription is high enough in comparison to similar services.

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We decided to start our Cougar Life review with this reasonable old quotation because we believe that it adequately conveys the whole philosophy ofthis place. When the Ruby Life Media came up with the idea of creating this dating site, the primary purpose was to arrange a space where young men and older women can satisfy their desires, where they would not be judged for who they are and what they love. We tried to make this Cougar Life review as detailed as possible, and after reading it, you will know exactly what to expect fromCougar Life and is it worth your time and attention.

The space for communication between cougars and cubs appeared in 2006. Ever since, it gained the trust of around 7 million people who became the users of Cougar Life all around the world. What we also liked about the service is that not only it connects secure and, at the same time, vulnerable older women with the handsome young men seeking each other. It also ruins the stereotypes about this kind of relationship by posting numerous articles in the blog on Cougar Life online. Around 500,000 visits to the site monthly, it seems that there will be more people who might change their attitude to this type of relationship.

Anyway, we hope we did our best, and this Cougar Life review will get you acquainted with this dating site, and in the end, you will make up your mind whether you should spend your time and money or just try your luck somewhere else.

Are There Any Scammers on Cougar Life?

Cougar Life Connection Review

We have analyzed the length and breadth of the site in our Cougar Life review and concluded that it is legit. However, with the vast number of cougar sites that are a pure scam, it is impossible not to be on the lookout. At the same time, Cougar Lifemoderators are working hard to eliminate the chances of any fraud, so you could enjoy your time and have a lot of fun.

You can judge about the legitimacy of this dating provider by the fact that the famous New York Mets approached Cougar Life to take the lead on the marketing campaigns. For us, it is pretty apparent that no respected business would involve themselves in cooperation unless they are confident of its legitimacy.

People of Cougar Life

There is an interesting fact about the members of the Cougar Life hookup. The majority of all the users (there are about 7 million of them) consist of young men who are looking for mature women. The target audience of the site should be women who are 30+ years old.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the majority of people using the Cougar Life dating is from various English-speaking countries. This fact should be taken into consideration if you hesitate about your language skills.


There are no limits regarding the sexual orientation of the members on Cougar Life.com. But it is necessary to keep in mind that initially, it was created for cougar relationships. The main philosophy of them lies in the interaction between experienced older women with appealing young guys.

The Age of the User

Speaking of the average age of the Cougar Life members, women are mostly in their thirties or older, while men are naturally younger and mostly around twenty-thirty years old. It does not mean that there are no users of other age; we are merely speaking about the main part of the cougars and cubs.

Sign up and Login Process

Sign up and Login Process

Cougar Life online is probably the only site that has such a smooth and quick registration procedure. It took only about 5 minutes from entering to the completed sign up process. There are two sections on Cougar Life you need to fill in — your account information and your details.

In part, with the info about your account, you need to give the email address and user name. Speaking about user names, Cougar Life motivates its users to get as imaginative about their nicknames as possible. Oh, and do not forget the password, of course. On this step, you can add your profile picture, but no need to hurry, and you can take some time to choose the best one.

In the section with your details, the site asks you to add the information about your date of birth, gender, your place of residence (you do not need to give your home address, just some basic information about the country, state, and city). It is optional to add some info about what body type you have, your eyes and hair color, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc. Of course, if you want to create as detailed image of you as possible, there are some blank spaces to fill them with the answers on questions about your hobbies, favorite places, successes, and stuff like that. Again, it is not obligatory, but it may help to boost the chances to meet a more compatible person.

Once you fill all the necessary information, you need to finish with the formality and agree with the Cougar Life Terms&Conditions. After that, you will receive a letter via email with the verification link. The end. Now you are officially a user of Cougar Life dating.

For those interested in the possibility of signing up with the existing Facebook or Google account, unfortunately, the site does not have this capability yet. But we must say the system Cougar Life has now is super simple.


Even with the simple registration process and only some basic information requested to fill in, the profile on Cougar Life dating can help you to create a full image of a person with who you are communicating. You will know about the age of the user, their place of residence, hair and eye color, and if given — some extra information about hobbies, most favorite food and drinks, aspirations, and so on. You can also see photos available to the public. If you are a Cougar Life premium member, you can request access to private albums if there are any.

Exchange of Messages

Exchange of Messages

To make the site as secure as possible without redundant verification process, Cougar Life had to take measures.Limiting the possibility for free accounts to initiate communication is one of them. Instead, the owners of the free membership still can use the following features:

  • Search Function
    By enabling various filters, you can find the most compatible cougar or cub for you and not waste your time on those who, for example, do not share the same values or interests. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to remember your preferred features, thus every time you need to start a new search.
  • Sending Flirt
    On Cougar Life hookup, you can warm up your matchesby sending them flirts. It is some sort of likes, but only the local version. If you are a free user and you want to draw attention, you can send a flirt, and in case of mutual interest, you might want to upgrade your account to the paid version.
    Speaking of the Cougar Life paid access, if you decide to go with it, in addition to free features you will also receive other things like:
  • Priority Mail
    This function allows you to send your matches presents, for which you need to pay separately. Also, if a cougar or a cub has a private gallery, you can request access to that and reveal some more secrets.
  • Chat With Me
    For quicker and easier communication, you can use the Cougar Life chat. Basically, it is the analog of a messenger in any social media. The only difference is that there you will communicate with people who share the same interests as you.
  • Send a Gift

Platforms to Use the Cougar Life

Platforms to Use the Cougar Life

Cougar Life mobile is available for getting on any of your phones or tablet. Provided your device supports iOS or Android operating systems, you are free to download the application from the App Store or Play Market.

Website Version

To make this Cougar Life review complete, we were using both desktop and app versions of Cougar Life. Thus, we concluded that both of them are coherent and easy to use. The Cougar Life.com website is absolutely understandable in terms of usability, and every button or feature seems to be in its proper place.

Cougar Life in Your Phone

The Cougar Life mobile application offers the same number of features as the desktop version, but it is convenient to have your cougar and cub communication on the go. It is worth saying that the app is available to download for no extra cost.

The layout is quite modern, yet simple. So, it would be no additional stress when trying to learn how to use it. It is a wise move of Cougar Life because many people are busy with their lives and are not willing to waste time on learning how to use the program.

Besides the simplicity of navigation and beautiful design, it is fast-responding and does not lag.

Layout and Usability

The whole design of Cougar Life is well-arranged. Frankly speaking, it is not the best site we have ever seen or used before. But in our opinion, it is not necessary to create something crazy. Members of this platform value user-friendly and understandable design more than some extra features that take ages to master.

Simplicity of Navigation

Yes, the exact word to describe how easy it is to navigate Cougar Life is simplicity. From the very first click, Cougar Life excites you with its robust design. The interface is quite intuitive—itcreates a good impression as everything is so simple about the site. All the features are quick to access from the homepage.

How Much Does Cougar Life Cost?

How Much Does Cougar Life Cost?

The cost of the Cougar Life subscription is not low at all. At the same time, we need to remember it is not some regular hookup provider, but a niche one. Besides, in addition to the paid membership, you get some credits (the amount depends on the plan you choose) that you can use for gifts to other Cougar Life members.

There are one-month, three-month, and twelve-month membership plans.

  • $40/month for one-monthsubscription (plus 100 credits)
  • $29/month for a three-month subscription (plus 500 credits)
  • $12/month for 12-month subscription (with 3,000 credits)

Note that you will have to pay upfront for any of the abovementioned plans as well as you are free to cancel the subscription at any time.

If you have a free account, then you are limited with the available features, though you still have access to:

  • get an account and create a profile on Cougar Life;
  • looking through other cougars and cubs;
  • showing your interest in other users by sending them flirts.

Once you decide to upgrade your page and get a paid subscription, in addition to free options, you will also be able to:

  • deliver virtual presents;
  • read and send messages to the Cougar Life members;
  • appear at the top of the search results.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Just like other payments in the twenty-first century, purchases on Cougar Life can be made in two ways. First, it is your debit or credit card, and the second is PayPal. The cost of the subscription does not depend on the payment method you choose so that you can go with the most preferable one.

It was really thoughtful of Cougar Life to make all the payments for the membership display as “CL Media” in your bank statements for the sake of privacy.

Payment Systems

All the purchases on Cougar Life dating are facilitated through the payment systems like VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX. For the higher level of your security details, you can pay via PayPal.

Data Protection

When it comes to the security of your personal information, you need to be 100% confident in the service you are planning to use. Speaking about Cougar Life, they promise that your data is almost 100% safe. Cougar Life has quite a serious and reliable system of verification. Since all the payments are made through third-party vendors, it does not store any of your financial data.

Fake Messages

You must have come across a lot of negative reviews that on Cougar Life online you can receive dozens of fake messages that make you pay to read them. Notwithstanding, it was not a case during our usage of Cougar Life. Several people were testing the service to make this review happen, and we must say that none of us has ever encountered those fake messages people are so fussing about.

At the same time, we recommend you always to stay alerted and trust your gut if it says something is wrong here. Do not forget to report any odd activity in order to make the Cougar Life a better place for you and everyone else who is present or is only about to join the site.

Special Functions

Special Functions

Cougar Life has various features to make the time of cougars and cubs pleasant and enjoyable. We would like to cover only those that are, in our opinion, the most essential to mention:


Cougar Life wants to push you closer to the feeling of the realness of the relationships you make on the site. One of the critical parts of it is presents. You can show your commitment and buy yourmatches a virtual gift for the credits.

Private Gallery

You can have both public and private galleries. Pictures in the public one are available for free users. While you can post more intimate and seducing photos in the private gallery and make them detectable to the limited amount of people who, in your opinion, deserve to see them.

Find a Date

If you are down for a meeting tonight but have not thought about the right person to share the dinner, then you can use the feature that is available in the lower-left corner of the Cougar Life site and choose someone who is looking for a night out too.

Cougar Life Blog

As we mentioned at the very beginning of the Cougar Life review, the blog is quite alive. There are various articles about the relationships of cougars and cubs, where a lot of the myths are busted. There are also plenty of useful tips about dating cougars for newbies.

Summing up

There are plenty of rumors about the Cougar Life hookup regarding different things. After our in-depth study, we are ready to say neither of them has been confirmed. Vice versa, we made sure that this site, with an understandable and user-friendly interface, the gorgeous cougars, and handsome cubs, and the high number of useful and handy features, is probably the best solution for people who are looking for the decent cougar dating platform.

We tried to be as honest as possible in our Cougar Life review and hope we managed to cover all the significant advantages and drawbacks of the functionality, so you could decide if the provider is worth your time and money.

Notwithstanding, if you managed to read the whole Cougar Life review till the end and still interested in our opinion, we would say yes. If a cougar kind of relationship is the type you feel like getting yourself involved in, then the best option is Cougar Life dating. Hurry up to register!

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