CatholicMatch Review 2020: Faith-Oriented Dating for Catholics

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CatholicMatch is one of the most popular faith-focused dating platforms in the world. If you don’t want to jeopardize your morals by visiting conventional dating sites, this is the site for you. Decent and, yet, productive, CatholicMatch has helped multiple couples to find each other and unite their lives in the holy matrimony. Start an account today, and tomorrow you may find your happiness here!

Why Do Catholics Need a Separate Dating Website?

International dating sites open interesting opportunities for people from around the globe. Those who live thousands of miles away from each other can meet online and start a happy family, regardless of their cultural differences. But what if faith is one of your life priorities? What if you want to marry a person belonging to your church and sharing your views on God and life? Should you forget about seeking love overseas and focus on your location where most people attend your church? No! Catholics of the world can and should date online. And there is no need to hang out on mainstream dating websites full of graceless connections and obscene offers.

CatholicMatch is the platform that you will love because it is created with faith in the heart — faith in God, in true love, and eternal family values. It unites people from the States, the UK, Canada, Western Europe, and Latin America. Thus, you may find a Catholic partner but shouldn’t be trapped in a certain location.

How to Sign Up CatholicMatch

How to Sign Up CatholicMatch

As compared to other platforms, the time it takes to sign up is average. The first step is as straightforward as it always is. Just start an account by entering your email address or log in with Facebook. On NSA or mail order brides platforms, people might hesitate to use their FB because they don’t want their true identity to be revealed. But since you are here to find a life partner, using a social media account is not a problem, especially given that this information is still not shared with users.

After logging in, you have to fill out your profile with all mandatory info and, preferably, something in addition. To start with, indicate your full name, gender, date of birth, and location. Then, choose one of the suggested marital statuses. It is clear to any catholic that one can’t be married to sign up on this website. Thus, the options are never married, divorced, annulled, or widowed. You should also specify your diocese.

Submit a personal introduction that has to contain 150 characters min. You should also describe the one you are willing to find on CatholicMatch. The site is straight-oriented, so there is no need to say whether you are searching for a man or a woman because your gender presupposes whom you seek. Instead, tell about the characteristics and virtues you cherish in people, preferred age, interests, etc.

Adding photos is also a must. Choose one profile photo and five extra ones. You can upload them on the site or, if you logged in with your Facebook, choose some from there. To reveal your personality to the fullest, create some comments on your photos.

Describe your appearance. Some people truly believe they shouldn’t do that, as soon as they have photos on their page. But this is completely wrong because matches are found by algorithms, and algorithms need one to enter specific data. The same concerns your educational, job, and family background. Your prospective match might be really interested in that, so give them a chance to find you by one of those filters. Pick your attitude towards smoking, consuming alcohol, sports, and TV. Tell about your faves, such as food, music, movies, books, destinations, hobbies, prayer, and anything else.

A separate group of questions touches upon the Church’s Teachings. They are easy to answer on the site, as you just have to pick yes or no. But for yourself, they might be really hard and controversial. Some people are sure about the rightfulness of each Teaching. Others are not. You can try to be acceptable for everyone in this section, or speak from your heart. The latter is probably the right thing to do. So, you’ll have to say whether you accept the Teachings on Sanctity of life, Immaculate Conception, Papal Infallibility, Eucharist, Holy Orders, and Premarital Sex. Since the latter means a lot in a relationship, most users pay special attention to it.

What Will Make Your Profile Stand Out?

As said, most of the questions and fields above are obligatory for everyone. This makes CatholicMatch profiles very detailed and informative. But often, one needs something special to pick you out of many other good people. You can get leverage by completing a Temperament quiz. This will not take you too long since all the questions are multiple-choice. Yet, this is a powerful tool to let others see whether you suit them or not. Besides, if you want to see others’ results, you must do your quiz first.

In addition to that, you should participate in forums. The point is that both paying and non-paying users can read those. Your post might sparkle the right person’s interest, and you will break the ice discussing the opinions expressed in the forum.

What Differs CatholicMatch from Other Websites

What Differs CatholicMatch from Other Websites

CatholicMatch is, obviously, a site for devout Catholics. It is free from all the dirt you find on other dating platforms. No NSA, no hookups, no virtual sex, no dirty pictures. You deserve more than all these. For this reason, CatholicMatch was first launched in 1999. Over these two decades, it has changed the name from to what we know now, obtained a large audience, and expanded its geography. It has also been updated numerous times to become a convenient modern platform you’ll enjoy using.

What really makes CatholicMatch stand out from other dating service providers is not just its faith orientation. The site is truly aimed at helping you find a spouse and ready to let you go, upon doing so. Other sites try to make you spend as long as it is possible with them. While there are several trustworthy providers that do help people find each other, none of them provides guarantees, like CatholicMatch. If you have been unsuccessful in finding your soulmate for half a year of using the website, you will get six months of premium membership out of charge.

We can’t say it is common practice because a great number of users meet their loved ones after several months for sure. But if you are still single after a six-month period, mind that there are some additional requirements for getting a guarantee. Most of them have to do with your level of activity on the site. No one will give you a second chance if you haven’t tried enough for the first time. Thus, the site will check if you have:

  • contacted one new account a week,
  • granted matchmaking algorithm access to your profile and used it yourself,
  • had five photos in addition to the profile one,
  • confirmed that you were for Catholic marriage.

But even under these conditions, the guarantee period will not be added to your subscription automatically. You have the whole last week of your membership to go to the Guarantee section and click a corresponding button that will activate your extra subscription.

Free Membership Vs. Paid Subscription on CatholicMatch

CatholicMatch is for everyone who lives in faith, and one doesn’t need to have a lot of money to use it. In fact, the site can be used for free, but the number of services is way too limited for finding a partner. But it is enough to start with the basics and get a better idea of how CatholicMatch operates.

A free member has the same account as a paying one does and can fill it to the full. It will make sense anyway, because non-paying users take part in matchmaking, too. They can look through other members’ profiles unlimitedly, but they can like only three profiles a day.

The major problem that free users face is the lack of communication tools. They can read all the messages they get, but not right away. The unlocking of a message takes up to 10 days. Free users can’t answer the messages they receive. The only thing they can send is an emotigram – an exclusive emoticon created for CatholicMatch. These can be used to start conversations or to reply to someone’s message. Paying members can use them too, of course. But they can also complement each emotigram with some text.

So, as you can see, making contact is next to impossible unless you subscribe. As soon as you are ready to show that your intentions are quite serious on this site, do that with no delay. The paid subscription can be purchased for one, three, or six months. The price per month falls drastically when you pay for a longer duration at once. This way, a month-subscription is $29.95, while three months will cost you only $59.85 total. A six-month subscription is a golden opportunity for only $74.95, which is cheaper than three months bought separately. The difference is not only in the price. Users who have bought three- and six-month subscriptions get discounts on renewing their membership. Six months bought in one purchase gives you the right for CatholicMatch Guarantee, another six-month FREE period activated if you haven’t found a match after your subscription is over.

Other than that, all paid members access equal features, among which unlimited messaging, likes, forum posting, emotigrams with the text, community chatrooms, and more. Plus, only paying members can have their account snoozed, which means being inactive and invisible for six months.

CatholicMatch Clients’ Feedback

CatholicMatch Clients’ Feedback

I’m sure that when a person searches for a beloved one, it is all about compromise. You understand that this person won’t look like you imagine. Maybe, you will have some awkwardness and misunderstanding at the beginning of your relationship. Both should do their very best to get along with each other’s family. I was quite prepared for this. I thought (and still think) that I could give up a lot for my happy marriage. But what I knew I would never give up is my faith. I tried out several dating services and escaped after several hours because I saw that people there knew nothing about being Catholic. All ill-intended sexaholics aside, there was no one for me there. And even if there was, how could I find them? I set filters connected with faith and religion. Here were some matches, but when you start communicating, you see how superficial people can be, indicating that they are Catholics. I got quite lucky to discover CatholicMatch. I found plenty of friends here. Some of them live far away, and we thank God that we got in touch. One such friend, Kevin, has become very special to me. We are considering meeting each other in person, and I think he is the one. I like the site hugely, and I’m very thankful for meeting people I care about here.

Linda, 24.

Final Word on CatholicMatch

People whose lives are full of faith and devotion do not have to be deprived of the undeniable benefits of online dating. They don’t have to date people going to the same church in the same town, whom they have known since early childhood. More than that, they don’t have to compromise their belief by dating someone of a different confession. CatholicMatch has got a better offer for you. Your destiny may be found in your location, in your country, or across the ocean. But with this site, you can be sure that he or she has the same values you do and wants to glorify God by their life with somebody like you. A good Christian deserves happiness, and CatholicMatch is ready to give you your best chance. Join for free, and look for yourself!