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Transgenderdate Review 2023

Transgenderdate Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 21-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform provides an opportunity to discuss political, health, and social problems.
  • The members provide their opinion about how the community should be operated.
  • Easy interface and layout, which make it easy for newbies to navigate.
  • Twenty-four hours support and help desk.
  • Easy identification with members you connect.
  • The website provides email user support.
  • People from various experiences write helpful blog posts.
  • The verification process takes about a day.
  • Annoying ads that cost about $25 per annum to remove.

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A comprehensive introduction to the Transgenderdate dating website?

A comprehensive introduction to the Transgenderdate dating website?

Transgenderdate is a dating website with the primary purpose of connecting the transgender community on a deeper level. The goal of the site is to provide a safe, protected, and fun atmosphere where transgender people can connect, share ideas, intermingle, and have an in-depth insight into the transgender circle. In this Transgenderdate review, you will know that the dating website is a fresh breeze in the market where there are thousands of sites that are catering to heterosexual communities and their needs. One interesting fact about the website is it’s not only a representative of the LGBTQ+ society, but the site encourages other genders to join and mingle with the members. In this eat, people get to know the feeling of transgender people and get aware of their issues. It’s a fantastic aspect of the website to mix straight people into the system. Is the website scam or legit, free, or paid? Let’s find out in this Transgenderdate review.

A general review of the dating website states that the potential earning of the service is estimated at $1 daily from advertisement income. If the dating service ever thought of selling the platform, it would be worth about $1040. The website has almost 495 exclusive visitors daily as per 2020. It’s a reasonable amount of traffic for a niche dating website.

Is Transgenderdate a Legit Dating Website?

As per this review, the website is 100 percent legit. The strict policies and laws of the dating website make it impossible for the fake profile or scammers

Membership Structure and User Base Statistics Evaluation

Membership Structure and User Base Statistics Evaluation

Transgenderdate has about 110,000 members registered online. Among all the accounts, nearly 90 percent are verified, and there are around seven million viewings of the page every month. After reviewing the website, it is safe to say that the website is the leading platform of the transgender community. Frequent visitors to the site are from:

  • The United States;
  • Canada;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Iran;
  • Netherlands.

Most of the members of the website are active, as well as quick to respond. Send your message, and you can expect a reply within an hour. Transgenderdate also has thousands of exclusive visitors every month. The site took pride in being the first dating service for transgender people. It’s a platform that promises to match you with a soulmate or friend. Transgenderdate offer a comfortable atmosphere for those people who are not accepted by society. Here the users are loved the way they are.

This review will give you information about the requirements to be a member of this niche dating website. Also, you will know the comprehensive information about what type of members or users you should expect to see once you join the Transgenderdate dating website?

Joining the site, you see members that are seeking serious relationships and want to have a real deal out of the dating experience.

If you are not interested in long term relationships or serious courtship, this dating site is not for you. The site is an ideal platform for those who are looking for a soulmate in real life and want to settle down. Transgenderdate dating service has plenty of good stuff for those members whose end goal is marriage or finding love.

During the Transgenderdate review, it came across that Transgenderdate is a first choice by many websites in terms of transgender dating websites. The site provides a safe and fun environment for those who are not treated best in society. Besides, you will connect with members who can understand your sentiments in-depth and on the same level.

Sexual Preferences of the Members on the Site

The dating website is a free platform for transgender people who are looking for partners of the same gender. It is an excellent platform, to begin with, if you’re a newbie to a tranny dating website online.

Information About the Variety of Age Groups

Information About the Variety of Age Groups

Transgenderdate is a free service where you may find members of almost all age groups. Users have the choice to choose who best suits their age preference.

Registration Procedure and Required Login Information

Our Transgenderdate review reveals that the signing up or registration process of the website is easy and quick. You won’t need special voodoo magic or skills to register for this site. There are no complicated directions to confuse the members. It’s a single straightforward path to register your account.

Facebook login has become a norm in a modern dating website, but Transgenderdate does not require Facebook to log in. The site has its way of registering. What kind of style is that, and what it needs? Continue reading this Transgenderdate review and find out? Account creation only takes a few minutes the user is required to give their gender the options available on the website are:

  • Genetic man;
  • Genetic woman;
  • Trans woman;
  • Trans man;
  • Androgynous;
  • Crossdresser or transvestite;
  • Intersex male;
  • Interested female.

Users have to provide the choice of the gender they are seeking to date or have a relationship. The seeking gender choice is the same as the gender requirement choice. Then you are asked to type a username. You better keep in mind that the username is not changeable. Type your email ID and then zip code of your area. Recheck to confirm and then hit the register sign and Voila! Your account is ready.

The specialty of the dating service is that you may not only find a date on this site. The site provides opportunities to its members to discuss political issues and also social problems. There is an online forum to discuss all these issues. There are no special qualification requirements to join the platform. This is the reason you may find a member of varied backgrounds. Members may come across people from different academic stature and experience who have a unique view about life as well as dating to share with other members. The platform provides some entertainment as well by adding interesting reads and offering members writing opportunities for their blogs.

The whole sign-in process is secure without any complicated set of questions or procedures. The steps to register are simple:

  • Type your email ID.
  • Choose a strong password.
  • Type your postal or zip code.
  • Choose your gender from the list.
  • Provide the gender you want to date.

After providing the information, there is a three-step verification process, which is easy and takes a few minutes. Take a picture with your confirmation code and upload it. That’s it!

Creating an Impressive Profile for Better Responses

Reading this review, you will know that completing your profile is no compulsion at the site. However, if you want to enjoy the site and it’s perks, it’s recommended to verify your account and add pictures to your profile. You should know that the user can’t post comments on other members’ profiles or blogs without a good picture of the portfolio. Without verification, you are not allowed to access chatrooms as well as Instant Messenger.

By completing your profile, other members get attracted to your profile. By adding details to your profile, you give an insight into your personality and let other members know about your personality. It helps them make their decision whether you match them or not. Your necessary information may include your date of birth and status of your relationship, whereas your extended data may consist of religion, sexual preference as well as body art. Users can also add their vitals meaning physical attributes and living conditions. The website doesn’t force you to complete your profile. Still, reading the review, you will verify that the majority of users have about an average to a nice amount of detailed information in their profiles.

How to Contact Members Through Messaging Features?

How to Contact Members Through Messaging Features?

Now you are registered and officially a member of the Transgenderdate online dating website. Get ready to begin the fun-filled journey with impressive features on the site. It’s exciting to get connected and start chatting with new matches. Almost all modern dating websites have chatting options available. The dating website provides an opportunity for its members to communicate with other members through text messages. See someone hot or cute! Send a flirty text message and start chatting.

As everyone knows, this is the 21st century, and chat features have upgraded to voice chats and video chats—these features help understanding other members a bit better. The website has a feature in the search which notify the users who are online or offline. Choose the member that catches your eye, send them a quick text, and start the fun.

What Kind of Operational Structure the Site Use?

Simple Desktop Version for Easy Usage

The desktop version of the Transgenderdate dating site is not something extraordinary. Even though the concept of the site is unique and different. The layout of the website is pretty bland. It’s easy to use for beginners as well as professionals.

Mobile App and Compatible Smartphone Browser

Our Transgenderdate review reveals that the Transgenderdate mobile app is not available. In the new era where everything is operated from smartphones, the lack of an app is a downside for the website. However, if there is not an app, the website is accessible through mobile browsers. It’s not a replacement for the app, but the site somehow makes it work. The smartphone site has high adaptability with mobile, and you can access almost all the features of the desktop site. Users can read and write blogs, post a comment, and can send requests to friends, and also chat with members through their smartphone.

Modern Design and Easy to Use Interface

Modern Design and Easy to Use Interface

All the remarkable features and unique concepts aside, the overall layout and interface of the dating website are not impressive. To be honest, it’s dull, bland, and boring. To make the design user-friendly, everything is arranged in an organized manner. The trademark color of the website baby pink along with powder blue hues gives the website a youthful and welcoming look. The font size of the website is small and reminds the old school fonts. As a free site, it’s user friendly and has many features that make up to all the flash details it lacks.

Can You Easily Navigate the Site?

After reading this Transgenderdate review, you will appreciate the unique idea of the website. The effort they put into representing a community that is not much valued in the real world is worth praising. The efforts of the great minds did not show in their design and layout. It’s simple and not exciting for its members. The whole concept is about providing a secure and friendly atmosphere to the transgender community without paying. Upon registering, you get to know that Transgenderdate is 100 percent free. The navigation of the dating website is seamless and automatic. It’s easy for every age group to navigate through without any skills or guidance.

Transgenderdate Price Structure to Upgrade Membership

In the Transgenderdate review so far, you know about the features, registration process, and what kind of members are available on the website. It’s time to review the cost and price of the website. Is the site free?

It’s a common notion among dating websites that they advertise themselves as free, and upon registration, you came to know about all the hidden prices here and there. Transgenderdate fulfills its promise to be a free site and provides a lot of features to its members. The free members sometimes have to face a tough time to get the most of the service. You may see on the dating website that the free members have limited access to some features, especially messaging.

The free websites usually have annoying ads that make the user frustrated. Users can get an ads-free version of the website by paying annual charges and enjoy the site without any intervention.

Access to Paid Services vs. Free Services

Free Services of the website:

  • Standard members have the opportunity to access chatrooms.
  • They can attach images or pictures to their email to send other members. There are no advertisements to annoy the users.
  • Access to the Instant Messenger to chat anytime.
  • Users can control the requests from a friend.
  • They can also manage the comments on the blog.
  • There are no openings in your ad.
  • Users can know when the members read their emails.

How to Pay for the Features?

How to Pay for the Features?

The payment process of the Transgenderdate is simple. The website accepts Visa or Mastercard and also Paypal. There is also an option for the members to pay through Prepaid or Gift cards. These have to be activated and also registered to be accepted by the website payment processor.

Does the Site Require Payment Systems?

Transgenderdate is a free dating service that offers many features to its members. To experience the best of the website, you should upgrade to the VIP account, and the good news is there are no additional charges for upgrade. The VIP membership is free without any hidden fees. You just need to verify your Transgenderdate account to be a VIP member. Upload your picture with a sign that has verification code provided by the dating website on it. Once you upload the picture, it will take about a day for the completion of the verification procedure.

Safety Policies and Measures for Safe Dating

In this Transgenderdate review, the first thing checked for the readers is about the safety of the website. Is the site safe to use or not?

It is always recommended to readers to take time and research about the dating sites and look for the feedback and reviews about the website. Then decide whether you want to join the website or leave. Look specifically into the safety features of the Transgenderdate to know if the website is safe and what kind of safety measures the site is taking for its members. Transgenderdate offers safety tips for its members. The users can always see the safety page of the site in case of any questions. It’s the plus point for the dating website. If the website lacks a safety page, think before joining a website like that.

Transgenderdate encourages its members to report any suspicious activity on the dating website. As a responsible member, it is your responsibility to report it if you think a profile is fake or someone is abusing their rights. It’s advisable always to trust your instincts when it comes to your safety. Avoid giving any personal information, whether it’s related to your account or your own life. Apart from being helpful for the safety measure, the moderator of the website guides their members if they are facing any difficulties with your account. They even walk you through the process of canceling your account for any reason.

How Does the Site Deal With Scammers?

Many transgender dating websites have been reviewed so far, but this dating website is the only one that gives importance to the feedback of their members. The main goal of the site is to provide their members with a safe and comfortable environment where they can have fun. They also want to fight against the stereotypes about the transgender community. These misconceptions are not only hurtful but also inaccurate. The site is an excellent platform when it comes to privacy. The website makes sure that their user’s profile does not appear in searches, and the confidential information of their members is not sold to payers from the third party. Many users use this platform to find friends as it’s difficult for transgender to become friends with people who consider them normal in the real world.

Special Features That Make the Site Unique

The dating website is an excellent platform with a unique concept and a targeted audience. They also promote business by displaying their ads on their homepage. People can pay to show their ads on their main page, blog posts, online forums, members’ profiles, the mailbox, and searches. They also give options about banner ads lengths. You can select from the sizes available or customize your own if that’s more suitable for you.


Transgenderdate has provided an excellent opportunity for its members to read and write in the blogs. Members can write or express their idea about everything they wish but keep in mind that they don’t break the rules of the website. Members can write or share their writing and read others’ work too. It’s a great concept that encourages the members to share their experiences and get an opinion of the others on the topic as well.


Forums are like chatrooms on the dating website. There are many topics in the discussions which include dating experiences, political issues, sexuality as well as social problems, etc. Members can join and also post in as many forums as they want.


The site offers to deliver emails to members’ friends. It’s the same as the ordinary email procedure. Members can attach pictures with their email and even know if their mail is read or not.

Final Words About the Transgenderdate Dating Website

Final Words About the Transgenderdate Dating Website

Having a dating platform for transgender people is a bold step, and an appreciated one too. Transgenderdate is a leading website in transgender based dating sites. Here people can openly share their opinion, express their feelings, ask questions without hesitating, and also raise voice for their community, which has been neglected for a long time. The bonus point that makes the website great is free services. Users don’t have to pay any extra charges to use all the features of the site. The least the website demands from its users is the authentication of their account. That’s a single process that only needs a picture with a verification code upload to the site.

The site offers close relationships with the members. Transgenderdate hookup services are not available to its members if you are thinking of a fun night or fling. This is not the site that will cater to your needs.

The security policies and laws of the website are strict and compulsory to be followed. The site makes sure that all the members on the website are treated with respect. The layout of the website is not that impressive and seems unpolished, but the website makes it up with other features. The most fantastic feature of the site is its blog and forums. The members can express anything in these blogs and expect some understanding from the members as they are all like-minded.

All in all, the concept of Transgenderdate is impressive, and the site should be given a chance.

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